Nuvia Café Instant Healthy Coffee

Nuvia Café Instant Healthy Coffee

What better accompaniment to the sunrise than the ritual of morning coffee. The very aroma quickens the senses and delivers the message, "It's a brand new day!" Alone or in good company the taste for morning brew is coveted in cultures around the world. Can such a perfect pleasure be improved upon? Yes, it can with Nuvia, the healthier café.

Nuvia is Sumatran Arabica coffee infused with a trifecta of legendary ingredients; the extracts of 100% certified organic Ganoderma, African Mango Seed and Pomegranate. The Sumatran coffee beans are roasted to perfection yielding a superior flavor that is rustic, yet rich and full bodied.

Ganoderma, African Mango and Pomegranate are renown in recent clinical studies. News regarding their health benefits is the subject of wide spread media buzz. See for yourself the benefits of this amazing healthy coffee.


I think that most moms of toddlers have a cup of coffee in the morning to help keep up with their toddler's energy level. We recently had the opportunity to try Nuvia Cafe which is gourmet healthy coffee. We are in LOVE with this coffee. It is so convenient and has so many cool features listed on the box. Each box has 30 packets with each packet making one cup of coffee.


Last week I received a much-needed box of Nuvia Cafe Instant Healthy Coffee Ganoderma sachets and I truly confess they taste quite good. My box is almost empty as I succumb to about 4 coffees a day starting off with that morning coffee (in lieu of breakfast some days) as I rush around in the mornings getting the twins ready for day-care and myself ready for work. The past week my Nuvia Cafe (white with one sugar thanks) has followed me from the kitchen, to the bedroom to the bathroom and if I still have not had time to finish it, it is poured into a travel mug to be consumed on my way to work. At night as I toil away on my computer it sits warm and welcoming at my fingertips leading me on in the night.


When I first tried Nuvia Cafe Instant Healthy Coffee for the first time. I was very impressed with it from the start. I am not a coffee expert but usually enjoy two cups daily. This coffee however is incredible and the best instant coffee I have ever tasted. Nuvia Cafe has a full robust flavor that tastes nothing like instant coffee. The aroma is light. The taste is very pleasant, not bitter or having a burnt taste which I find in some coffees.

When I saw that the coffee was instant, my first thought was that I wouldn't like it because I am not an instant coffee fan. This does not, however, taste like instant coffee. If someone had made this for me, and I didn't know it was instant, I wouldn't have known.


I received my coffee in the mail and along with it a newspaper article with testimonials of people who had tried it. As I proceeded to read the the articles, I realized that the testimonials were all about getting energy back, healed from minor aches and pains and even healed from bigger ailments.

At that point I thought, well this is not just any coffee, it's goodness in a cup with healing properties. I am always feeling tired, fatigued and nothing seems to help, so I decided to try this coffee. I am about done with the box and I actually feel more energized than I did before. It actually works! I am energized all day long and wake up fully rested, unlike before. I am loving their product, I am feeling so much better and I will continue to drink it!


"I do not drink coffee for the buzz. I enjoy coffee for the flavor and Nuvia tastes so good! And the fact that itIs healthy for me... wow definitely a bonus!"

Barbara 53, CA

"I can't believe this Nuvia Cafe is an instant coffee. It tastes like French Roast to me and I really like the fact that it is instant. I travel on the airplane all of the time for my work... the coffee is so bad on the airplanes! Now I can carry this Nuvia packet and I can enjoy my coffee and the convenience at the same time! Much better than the Starbuck instant... Nuvia cafe smells and tastes great and I didn't even get the gitters!

Maryann 58, FL

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Nuvia Café Instant Healthy Coffee

1 Box (30 Coffee Sachets - 3.7g each)

Nuvia Café Instant Healthy Coffee

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