PRF Maxum Superfood Of The Ancients
(formerly PXP Maxum)

Premium Purple Rice Flour

PRF Maxum Forbidden Rice Bottle ShotIn ancient China, this nutritionally amazing super grain was off limits to the general public and reserved only for the Emperor to ensure his health and longevity. Loaded with remarkable health benefits, this very special strain of purple rice is now available to you in all New PRF Maxum™ only from Healthy Habits®.

PRF Maxum™ is a specific combination of purple heirloom short grain and long grain rice that gives you complete cellular nutrition. The nutrients are readily bioavailable and quickly absorbed for maximum benefits.

What Is Purple Rice Flour?

Purple Rice Flour is a super-food consisting of special strains of purple rice, grown organically in the beautiful Asian valleys. The special purple rice strains naturally contain extraordinary polysaccharide peptides and high concentrations of anthocyanins, accounting for its purple color and countless physiological benefits.

Purple rice is a short-grain heirloom rice packed with extraordinary nutrients and beneficial properties. It is also known as Forbidden Rice, since only ancient Chinese emperors were permitted to consumed it. Its color, which comes from the presence of phytonutrients, is the key to its benefits. It has a high mineral content and an astounding amino acid profile. Despite the wide range of rice varieties in existence around the world, there are very few that are as potent and unique as purple rice. This whole grain rice has more proteins than white rice and has up to 8.5 grams of nutrients per 100 grams of rice.

How It Works

Purple Rice Flour nourishes the mitochondria with the polysaccharide peptides it needs to generate energy, which is crucial for a cell. When being regularly nourished with polysaccharide peptides, mitochondria are able to absorb glucose and convert it to energy. Purple Rice Flour contains the best antioxidants available, originating from the high quantities of anthocyanins which help the mitochondria detox free radicals, keeping the cells healthy. Anthocyanins are known for protecting the plants and foods which contain them against the damaging effects of UV radiation from the sun, and other external aggressors.

  • Quick Absorption: When ingested, it's quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Low Molecular Weight: Due to its low molecular weight, and high biochemical compatibility with the cell membranes, it easily penetrates natural barriers, going quickly from the bloodstream to the cerebral spinal fluid.

Anthocyanins have been linked to the following benefits:

  • Normalization Of Cholesterol - Anthocyanins work similarly to statins, the cholesterol-lowering molecules found in pharmaceutical products, but without the devastating adverse effects of drugs.
  • Anti-inflammatory - Inflammation and pain is often experienced by people who suffer from degenerative diseases.
  • Helps Reduce Blood Sugar - Diabetics fight elevated blood sugar.
  • Helps Block "Bad Cholesterol" Formation - Prohibiting bad cholesterol deposits on artery walls helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Obesity Prevention - The inhibition of digestive enzymes that break down sugars and proteins helps to block calories and prevent weight gain, as well as high blood-sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Helps Prohibit Premature Skin Degeneration - Your skin is the largest organ and has important detoxification functions.
  • Helps Preserve Sexual Function - It's difficult to feel sexual when you are fatigued, experience pain and have poor circulation.
  • Helps Restore Mental Function - The ability to remember, learn, analyze and perform critical thinking is important to our longevity. Anthocyanins help keep the mind positive and benefits those who suffer from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, M.S., Amyotrophic Lateral Paralysis, among other degenerative brain diseases.
Researcher and Medical Journalist

"In our research for the best nutritional products on the market my team spent over one million dollars buying every nutritional product we could find. We tested these products for energy, then we tested them on biometric computers and the last thing we did was test these products with hundreds of people on a spectrometer computer to see what the best products were on the market today. Purple Rice Flour was one of the top products we tested. Purple Rice Flour is utilized almost 100% of the time by the cells in your body. I take it and it has improved my health and I recommend it to everyone." - Nate Varno

Doctor Of Homeopathy Speaks

"Purple Rice Flour is the most important nutritional supplement a person can take. Why? Because the body says, "Give me the energy so I can heal myself and live in optimal health." We live and die at the cellular level. The current cellular energy crisis is a major factor behind all diseases and symptoms. Lack of cellular ATP-energy and anti-oxidant production is a primary factor in chronic inflammation, the aging process, neuro-degenerative processes, and glucose regulation. Enhancing cellular energy is the most fundamental and universal, whole body support that we can do. I, personally, take Purple Rice Flour every day and I feel terrific because of it." - Dr. John Black

Our hydrolyzed material is the finest quality available. Our proprietary milling process micronizes the specially selected rice to release the full nutritional value. PRF Maxum™ is a truly unique and highly functional SuperFood.

Super-Absorbable Nano Technology Cell Nourishment Provides:
  • All 9 Essential Amino Acids: PRF Maxum™ is a complete protein.
  • All 7 Essential Fatty Acids: The healthy fats necessary for healthy body functions.
  • All 8 Essential Glyconutrients: Superior quality Polysaccharide Peptides.
  • A Wealth of Vitamins and Minerals: Natural Health and Vitality.
Reported benefits are many and include:
  • Promotes A Strong Immune System
  • Reduced Stress
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Memory and Cognition
  • Destroy Free Radicals
  • Eliminate Toxins
  • Supports Healthy Digestion and Elimination
  • Supports Healthy Hormone Function
  • Much More!
PRF Maxum Superfood Of The Ancients Supplement Facts


Maximum Absorption (NO DCP!)

Each batch of our tablets and capsules must pass a rigorous disintegration test to ensure proper breakdown and absorption within the human body.

If you're a person with a weakened digestive system (a problem that many people age 50+ unknowingly have), you may not properly break down and absorb rock hard tablets from other companies. What good is taking vitamins, minerals and herbs if you are not digesting them? Digestion of tablets is such a problem that there are stories about tons of undigested tablets found in city sewer systems. Some claim that these ultra hard tablets still have the logo of the manufacturer visible. True or not, absorption is certainly an issue that must be addressed. Avoid DCP! Di-calcium phosphate (DCP) is commonly used as a tablet binder and capsule filler; we call it "cement." It's possible to make a tablet without using DCP, however, softer tablets without DCP binders can result in increased breakage in manufacturing, creating more waste and a higher cost of production. Therefore, many companies continue to use DCP because it saves them time and money.

Healthy Habits® contends that dietary supplement formulas that use soft matrix technology without DCP as a filler or binder will break down faster, absorb better and produce better and faster results than those that do, therefore, our formulas never contain DCP capsule fillers or tablet binders.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

PRF Maxum Superfood Of The Ancients by Healthy Habits
PRF Maxum Superfood Of The Ancients by Healthy Habits
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